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Renewable Energy Resources

Alternative Energy and Renewable Energy links page

Gardening resources:

www.avasflowers.net/composting-101: Composting 101 guide...
Provides information on the benefits of composting, the do's and don'ts, how to build and maintain your pile and even info on worm composting!


Vegetable Gardening for Beginners: The Complete Guide Learn how to grow all sorts of edibles with this information guide.

Gardening for Beginners

All sorts of gardening information for the beginner or seasoned gardener

10 Ways to Make Your Garden More Green

Easy and inexpensive natural weed control.

http://www.mostlyorganicgarden.com/ - Mostly Organic Gardening
You don't have to be a fanatic to go organic! A practical guide to organic gardening that doesn't make you feel bad for not going 100% organic. With tips on compost, advice on organic gardening products, and more!

http://www.wintergardeningtips.com/ - Fall and Winter Gardening Tips
Learn how to care for your yard and garden during the fall and winter. Our site focuses on natural methods to care for your garden during the colder months.

http://modularhomeowners.com/how-to-compost-at-home/ - Everything you ever wanted to know--and more--on home composting, including techniques and resources from across the USA.  An invaluable resource.

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Reducing your digital carbon footprint in the wake of COVID19; how much does all this digital technology contribute?

How can you tell how much LED lighting will save you?
Use this handy calculator to find out:

You can learn more about your state’s energy rates for your residential and business consumption, and track your state’s average cost per kilowatt hour. Many electrical consumers don’t know of rate changes until AFTER the fact….

Energy Saving Tips 
Save money and energy with these simple ideas – http://thecouponcupboard.com/coupon-blog/energy-saving-tips/.

Renewable energy sources
Complete information on renewable energy sources, learn these energy sources and how they are helpful for our planet Earth.

The Solar Tribune provides comprehensive and trusted information on solar panels for homes. These resources include: evaluating your home for solar energy, determining the size of your system, calculating your payback period and more.

For a database of state incentives, listed state by state,  for your renewable energy project;  offers contact persons and organizations for tax breaks, rebates, possible grants, etc.

For sourcebooks about green energy, electric vehicles, efficient appliances, and healthy home building.

A wonderful resource library, with information about hundreds of topics, from aquaculture and botany to sustainable agriculture and renewable
energy. One of the best sites for informative links we've found.

Alternative Energy Geek
Find out how water, solar and other popular types of alternative energy sources work.

An Easy Guide to Understanding Alternative Energy:
A resource page about alternative energy and it's got information on conventional vs. alternative energy resources.

GoodFood World
Good Food Worls is an important platform to help re-establish the connection between consumers and the sources of their food. We seek out, select, and profile producers and processors who are growing, harvesting, and preparing local or regional, whole or minimally processed food products that are: • Socially responsible • Environmentally resilient • Economically viable.

StartLocal of Australia publishes an educational article, Ultimate Guide for the Conservation of Energy, featuring household energy conservation tips suitable for adults and children.  It's instructive to have facts and perspective from different parts of our world.  Check it out.

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Water: pumping, & storage

Solar Water Heaters
Solar storage tanks have the capability to store large amounts of hot water and hold heat for a long period of time.  There are 304 types of stainless steel drainback tanks and are available in 10 to 20 gallon sizes.

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Energy news

The information on this site is drawn from the Consumer Guide to Home Energy Savings, now in its 10th edition.

Energy Trace Webzine
Energy Trace is the most comprehensive and up-to-date source on energy news, information, jobs, events, products, and more.

If you are Canadian and want to keep up on renewable energy policies and projects in your country, you'll want to check this site out.

For local information on renewable energy and issues (for Montanans!).

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Kitchen and home

Here’s a guide to green living: https://www.couponchief.com/guides/guide_to_cheap_green_living

Carbon monoxide safety guide: https://www.akhomeshow.com/carbon-monoxide-safety.php

Things to consider to prepare for a power outage: https://www.akhomeshow.com/power-outage-safety.php

https://kagoo.com/running Check here to see how your electrical device or appliance stacks up in efficiency to others.

A quick guide to your home's spring cleaning

10 Ideas: It’s Easy Being Green   

The Dog Lover's Guide to Sustainable Living   

The Impact of Your Grocery Store Choices 

Turn Your House Into a "Green" Energy Machine

http://www.energystar.gov/?c=lighting.pr_lighting_landing By replacing 20 million traditional bulbs with Energy Star LED bulbs, Americans would save more than $118 million each year in energy costs and prevent greenhouse gas emissions equivalent to that of more than 150,000 vehicles annually!S

http://www.cityofberkeley.info/EnergyEfficiencyforHomes/ -- a resource for Berkeley, California, residents wishing to make their homes more energy-efficient.

http://aceee.org/consumerguide or http://www.energystar.gov
For lists of top-rated, energy efficient appliances and tips for conserving energy.

Great source for natural gas and LP or propane kitchen stoves, refrigerators, freezers, etc.

Local Electrician
Search for local Electrician and Electrical contractors by zip code. Use our FREE directory of local Electricians to find the Electrical contractors closest to you.

Electrician New York
Electrician New York provides residential, commercial & emergency electrician services in NY area.

Cavity Wall Insulation
Cavity Wall Insulation – Cavity wall insulation to your home, free cavity wall insulation and cavity wall insulation grants. We offer best cavity insulation services for save your energy and wall in all over the UK.

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Batteries are the heart of all back-up or remote power systems; for an excellent reference of care and maintenance.

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The whys and hows of recycling: https://www.kitchenworksinc.com/recycling-101-why-and-how-by-kitchen-works-inc/

Find someone local for your electronic waste at 1-800-GOT-JUNK or at https://www.1800gotjunk.com/us_en/what-we-take/electronics-recycling

an electronic recycling guide.

This site offers a variety of ways to reduce, reuse and recycle plastic containers – the bane of our society.

Never buy bottled water and here's why:

10 most important items to recycle

where to sell your old cell phone, tablet, etc.

How to save money by recycling: 

Five dynamic sources that make recycling a snap.
These are very cool ideas.

Save money and reduce waste.

Manufacturers and retailers offer several options to donate or recycle electronics, and this EPA website provides some of the resources engaged in this endeavor.

Paper Shredding/Recycling
A comprehensive list of secure shredding and recycling companies, aiming to help consumers get a fair price when securely disposing of office paper. The recycled paper is turned into useful products such as waste paper towels and packing materials.

Alpine Waste & Recycling is the largest independent, locally owned waste and recycling provider in the Denver Metro area, CO.

REDUCE-REUSE-RECYCLE -- and this web site can help:
ecofreek.com is a search engine that searches the web for free and 'for swap/trade' items people no longer need or want from over 45+ major sources.

How-To Reduce Plastic Waste - Tips and ideas for reducing plastic waste in your home and at school. Great ideas for the classroom and projects to do with your kids.

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Alternative building

For a grass driveway, click on the above link.

Considering buying, adding or building a greenhouse? Peruse this informative site.

LOGS, WIND & SUN, a book by Rex and LaVonne Ewing, offers a how-to experience of building an off-grid log cabin, including a great deal of information about building from the ground up, to sizing and installing your own renewable energy system. Handcraft your own log home--then power it by nature! To contact by e-mail, PixyJackPress@msn.com

Green Huts
Green homes that are power efficient

Spark Building Energy Solutions have the skill, experience, and tools to make your building energy efficient. We do complete energy assessments for residential and commercial buildings and provide a detail analysis of where your dollars need to invest

Using heat pumps and air conditioning in an economical manner so as to minimize the use of electricity.

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Informative organizations

A student’s guide to conservation & science: https://www.bestdegreeprograms.org/library/students-guide-conservation-environmental-science/

The Midwest Renewable Energy Association has an annual fair, one of the biggest of its kind in North America--with attendance from renewable energy enthusiasts all over the world.  They also sponsor other seminars, programs and green home tours.

www.ncat.org  The National Center for Appropriate Technologies is located in Butte, MT, and offers excellent resource information about renewable energy.

Green Kinetics Webzine
Our goal at Green Kinetics is to provide current information about sustainable energy and its application in the world and to educate as many people as possible on the importance of energy conservation and efficiencies.

A "Green Mortgage" is a program backed by private and government mortgage programs designed to help you make your home more energy efficient.

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Renewable Energy Information for Kids

Environmentally Friendly Kids
This link was brought to our attention by Mrs. McVey's 5th grade class.  This is an informative page about different ways kids can be environmentally friendly!

Saving Money & the Environment: A Kid's Guide to Recycling
This link was provided by Mrs. Grace McNeil and one of her students, Jess, of the W.B. Goodwin Community Center in Springfield, PA.  It's a product of their community service project, "Recycling and the Environment."  This is an information goldmine!

Earth Preservers is the most wide-ranging environmental news and information site on the Internet, combining a monthly educational newsletter for kids with continuously-updated reports that find the green in everything – from science and technology to fashion and design; from crime and the law to music and art; from jobs and business to sports and celebrities. Earth Preservers has something for everyone, including short films and documentaries; interactive quizzes; free online classroom resources; videos of inspirational eco-kids in action, thought-provoking poll questions about the way we live, and more.

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Pollution controls / climate change controls

For information about the environmental costs of animals in agriculture:

What's my carbon footprint? Free calculator

Renewable Energy Alternative Fuels
Read articles on why we should make use of renewable fuels for alternative energy.

Carbon Neutral
Become Carbon Neutral. Balance your carbon emissions with an affordable and verified TerraPass. Help reduce Greenhouse gas emissions today.

Waste Disposal
Waste Collection Online Shop allows you to navigate to all products on the website.

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Electric / alternative vehicles and transportation issues

See people's travel related statistics.

The auto insurance industry describes and enumerates various eco-friendly vehicles.

A personal favorite site of Oasis Montana's owner Chris Daum

There are simple ways to reduce the environmental impact of a car without purchasing a hybrid or getting rid of the vehicle entirely.

Resources for eco-friendly commuting, cars and transportation


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Wind, hydro and more...

Water power is commonly known as hydropower, or when used to create electricity is called hydroelectricity. Find out how it works.

If you have the funding and the site for some BIG utility-tied wind generators, here are a couple of sources.

USA Dept. of Energy calculations and data on wind energy information; includes wind maps (state by state) and beaucoup technical data.

Do you have frontage on a decent-sized creek or river?  This site contains valuable information for you in your pursuit of a micro-hydro system.  Other consumer energy information is also offered at this site.

Wind power using wind turbines, wind generators
And here's very informative sites about wind generators.  For smaller units.....

And for larger wind generator units...we sell all of these; call us for your price.

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Save tons of money on inverter/power rectifier repair for a fraction of the price of our leading competitors. We know how important it is to have your equipment back in a timely manner, so we won't hold it hostage.  Go to the website or call Mike at 407-404-3705.

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Used and surplus renewable energy classifieds
Lastly, do you have any alternate energy components that you'd like to unload?  Perhaps used DC appliances, or an inverter?  FREE LISTING  -- non-commercial only please!

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