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Our summer in western Montana was filled with ups and downs… We had weeks of above 100 degree temperatures, drought, several damaging hailstorms; yet all in all it’s been a pretty good year. Despite the hail our garden was still quite productive, and although the apples and plums were damaged, at least the trees will be around to try again next year. And we are still plugging away helping folks enjoy the benefits of solar power. This issue we offer ideas for solar water pumping and, if you are a rural business, you may qualify for a REAP grant to make your investment in solar more affordable. There’s still a federal tax credit that will help you come next April 15th. Let us know how we can help chose the right equipment for your solar project.

Homes that need low flow and low TDH (total dynamic head) water pumps now have greater economic options. Lorentz and Grundfos now have available small solar-powered water pumps that are considerably less costly then their mainstream pumps; these will be most useful for many of our customers with a lesser water resource.

Both Grundfos and Lorentz have responded to the demand for lower cost water pumping solutions. The Grundfos 5SQF-80 and the Lorentz PS2-100 are able to provide moderate volumes of water delivered to your pressure tank or cistern, making water available for your use. If the cost of having water from a solar powered-water pump has been prohibitive for you to utilize solar, we have new solutions that may be a good fit for you. All solar powered water pumping systems need to be tailored to your specific site and needs; we do have solutions! Visit www.PVsolarpumps.com and answer all the questions on the questionnaire, and we’ll propose a solution to get your water flowing.

Reap Grants: USDA Rural Development has announced their Rural Energy for America Program (REAP) application deadlines for the year ahead: October 31, 2022 and March 31, 2023. REAP offers grants for up to 25% for certain farm, ranch or rural business projects. REAP Eligibility Walkthrough Tool: www.reapeligibility.com This is meant for a farm or a rural small business applicant (or their installer) to answer basic questions one at a time and try to get through the questionnaire with no red flags. If you make it through the questionnaire without issue, you're almost definitely eligible. Also check out https://www.rd.usda.gov/files/WI_REAPGrantAppResources.pdf.

New inverter available! SAMLEX EVO 4248-SP is the new kid on the block. With a continuous rating of 4200W and a surge capacity of 12,600W, and 120/240VAC capacity, this pure sine wave inverter/charger will readily meet the needs of most of our off-grid customers. Works with lead acid or lithium batteries, and offers one AC programmable input from either grid power or generator; user determines what the min and max thresholds are to switch from grid or generator to inverter. Built-in battery charger offers 3 or 4 stage charging; must be used initiated. Also available is a remote option (EVO-RC-PLUS) for ease of programming and monitoring.
This inverter is available for a short time at $1659 plus shipping; the remote is $149 plus shipping. Call or e-mail for additional information on this exciting and cost effective inverter! 406-777-4321 or

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Visit us on the web for product and project information!
For grid-tied power systems, www.grid-tie.com
Solar water pumping:  www.PVsolarpumps.com
Non-electric gas appliances, www.LPappliances.com
Efficient and DC appliances, www.eco-fridge.com
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And our main page at www.oasismontana.com